Reclaim Your Power with Solar Energy

Find out why the best in solar choose to build their future with Solar State.

Where Trust Meets Transparency

Maximize your Strength
With Solar State, you get complete transparency on the cost of every solar project you sell and plus industry leading commissions.
This zooms-in really well and smooth
This zooms-in really well and smooth
Where Flexibility Meets Success

Work from Anywhere
As the world's first virtual solar energy company, Solar State empowers you to work from any location, at your own pace, with the support necessary to deliver projects of industry leading quality and speed.
Where Vision Meets Practice

Create Passive Income
At Solar State, we value work life balance. Earn revenue from sellers you refer to the platform and paid by Solar State without any impact on your commission.
This zooms-in really well and smooth
This zooms-in really well and smooth
Where Investment Meets Ownership

Build Your Future
At Solar State, we've introduced a special ownership program for sellers. We believe everyone should have the chance to create wealth by being part of a leading global clean energy company.
Where Security Meets Tomorrow

Join us in Innovation
Our Solar State platform is like a smart assistant for your solar projects. It takes care of proposals, designs, contracts, commissions, and project fulfillment automatically. No need to worry about technology slowing down your business growth.
This zooms-in really well and smooth

An Introduction To Solar State
Solar State

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